Thursday, 13 October 2011

Couldn't sleep, so I've been playing with this drawing:

Think the head looks, a bit off?
Started off in a very stylized way, my thinking behind it was it would translate much better into 3D this way as appose to the more realistic and not really character design stuff I've been doing previously. Plus, the game needs its own unique style anyway, so I thought Id try something new. 

Keeping in mind the Doctor character is meant to be old, I started with the mindset to draw a frail old man, hence the walking stick and weedy physique. Least that's how is started...

Leaving this unfinished for now, added the face of the previous Doctor I drew just to see how it would look, feels a little off proportions wise but that was because these drawings were never meant to be combined, I'm just a rebel like that.

I might potentially keep this and draw an older face for the image on the right, as well as scuffing up the coat and overall appearance of the suit. I did intend to start with that but something got lost in translation.

Also, defiantly a Jack Skellington inspired look going on here:

Hopefully, (if my attention span can last that long (I'm not holding my breath)) Ill be able to roughly model this chap in 3DS max, which I sort of have a plan for in my head already. Be interesting if I can mimic the style I want.

The plan is to make it pretty much the same as the concept image (allbeit with an older subject) and hand draw the textures with my tablet in photoshop. Although Ill belive that when I see it.

After watching Backwater Gospel fully I fell in love with the style and want to emulate it in a similar way. 

Going to muck around with the textures anyway, hopefully get a sketch style going on. That's my plan. I think if its done correctly it will translate well to the game idea, additionally the backgrounds and objects would like aces` hand drawn.

That's all I'm working on now anyway, I had a few other ideas for the Doctor character but nothing is going down on paper well. Hopefully once its in 3D I can be a little more creative.

That's all.


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