Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Started a few levels going to finish the first iteration of them all tonight I think. Ill upload the few I've done quickly now.

No idea why blogger feels the need to rotate them for me, but Ill fix that later.

Room 1
 This first level below was one of mine, played through it and decided it was to brief and to easy to complete. Whilst there as a little element of puzzle, one figured out the level would last only a few seconds. Which is boring.

I've added in a few extra traps in areas to make it possible to die in the level, aswell as removed two of the doors so you cant get stuck.

I plan to go over this level again a second time and try to beef out the puzzle factor to it somewhat, make it more of a challenge.

Room 2
Next up was on of Adams. Mainly I changed a few problems with height and location of platforms. I moved the ladder higher up in the latter half of the level to make it more of a challenge traversing the land. In terms of redesigns, I made the initial falling platform trigger activated via a wall switch aswell as moved the location of the note so its more accessible to the player and covers some dead space.

Make second run through of this I want to focus on the latter half of the level and make some additions.

 Cross 1
One of my cross sections. I couldn't find anything totally wrong with this. The design works but it might be a little short and not keep up with the spirit and point of the cross sections. I might ask for some additional eyes to look at this and see what they think.

Some additions I made was adding a trap door rather than an open panel triggered via a switch. This just means the cross section lasts that little bit longer and encourages the player to explore more. 

Cross 2
This was one of Marks. I actually really liked this one and didnt feel many changes were needed at all. The onyl problem I found with the section was the moving platforms would move too close to the walls, blocking to fall path of Harland. This is easily fixable by haulting the moving platforms just before the edge, letting the player jump down. 

Ill get the rest done for tonight and arrange them into presentation form for Wednesday. Then with these done and after Wednesdays lesson Ill go over my work and make any further changes.

And then do some Art, lots and lots of Art.

And play some DayZ, lots and lots of DayZ.

Sweet Success. 

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