Friday, 3 February 2012

Uploading my 3D Sketch-Up design so far. Sort of, a work in progress.

I'm still playing with the concept of the level whilst i create this, in that, I'm using 3D to rough it out.

Its easier like this I find to visualize the level being played and thus, make changes I wouldn't have seen otherwise on paper.

These ones are the roughs of my Alley way scene.

These next ones are of the city and level as a whole (colour coded as per the level map).

I've slip them into 2 separate sketch-up models because it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

The latter part of the level is mostly contained to the rooftops, meaning that it would congested the world a little if I was constantly switching up and down to populate the ground and skyline.

The opening section of my game then, that which is centered on ground level, will be modeled separate from the main city, with the rest of the level built as one large model.

That's everything for now. Ill be finishing the sketch-up models over the weekend and making a start on the document itself. Likewise I will be finalizing the posts to make sure I have each of the 7 minimum needed. 

I think story is all I am missing.

Thats all.

Btw, the new Ghost Rider film looks epic.

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