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Level Overview

Level Overview

Going to briefly go over the content of my level including all the rooms and cross sections, the order the player will face them and a variety of challenges they might face.

The order in which the level will progress goes something like this:

- Cross-Section 1
- Wards 1 (Subject to change)
-  Cross-Section 2
- Wards 2
- Cross-Section 3
- Mortuary
- Cross-Section 4
- Psychology
- Sanitarium
-  Cross-Section 5
- Hematology
- Cross-Section 6
- Surgery
- End Game (undecided)

That totals at around 14 rooms for my level, 6 of which are cross section interim parts with 7 rotating rooms; the 8th being an End Game climax / resolution.

The overall feel of the Level is slow paced and puzzle based (which I explained earlier) however there are sections where the tempo is increased and decreased; thus why the rooms are arranged in the above order, to suit pacing needs.

I've yet to actually "design" the Cross section parts of the world, although this will come with time. Ill continue a more indepth walk-through of each individual room below, however perhaps some of the details here will change when I get a chance to finalize my level designs over the weekend, adding and removing sections. (maybe even getting rid of whole rooms altogether.)

Likewise Ill mention my current thoughts on the cross sections linking the rooms, although expect that to change when I do some designs on them. Ahem.

Cross Section 1
The first initial section the player will encounter, coming striaght from the HUB world this corrdior style path will act as a taster for the theme and mood of the Medical Section. I dont want this area to be particulary heavy on gameplay, certainly not in-terms of puzzles, although there could be a few jumps and things to get past. Majority of this area will see the player passing various hellish and horrible Medical themed contraptions, so they know exectly what they are about to embark upon. 

Wards 1
This being the first puzzle to introduce the player to the rotating rooms of the Medical section, it is purposely meant to be easy. The current design sadly includes a pulley trolley (which the player will need to Gauntlet for). I have yet to decide to either simply give the player the Gauntlet at the very start of the level, which I am reluctant to do, or redesign a new level I can include before Ward 1 and combine both Ward levels into one larger room. For now, this acts as a beginner puzzle.

Cross Section 2
Not much to happen in this section, the earlier puzzle was meant to be quick and easy so the player can quite simple run through this section. Perhaps I will remove it altogether since it is essentially pointless to link both Ward 1 & 2 up rather than simply porting straight into either.

Wards 2
Again, this puzzle requires the Gauntlet is in the players possession. I am not 100% how I want the player to come across the device, although I think Wards 1 & 2 will most certainly be the introduction to using it, since it incorporates the moving of objects and swinging of ropes. Pretty simple puzzle, using the movable bed to bounce high enough to reach the rope, although needs to be solved by using rotation. Something the player should be very familiar with by this point. 

Cross Section 3
I feel like I would like to include another rotating room, perhaps named "Wards 3", that challenges the player for a final time using a combination of movable objects and swinging ropes. Ill have to get back to you on this this one, Ill attempt to get that done for next Wednesday. Otherwise this section will link up the Wards and Mortuary rooms. Since its acting as a breaker, it will probably be one of the longer cross sections with a few gameplay elements, perhaps signs that include navigation to the Mortuary. 

This is one of my favorite levels. At the moment, its a little bare, however the inherent "puzzle" remains consistent. If I've time Ill bulk it out a little and add a few traps and things for the player to be killed by in various locations. Again, the focus of the puzzle is to force the player into using rotation in a way they might no suspect. 

Cross Section 4
With the Mortuary being a rather slow puzzle, I intend to have Cross4 be slightly faster in pace, setting the player up for the next 2 levels which are much more speed orientated. Whilst not rotating, there will be timed traps and things to swing from, much like that scene from Indiana Jones, you know the one.

Psychology / Psychological, something like that. Not the Sanitaruim bascially. These next two puzzles are closley linked, this first is focsed on rotating the room and one central rope along with it. The player must use this shift of axis to manipulate the same rope and reach the exit. Could have been a little better thought out this one however...


Linked closely to the previous room, I think it unnecessary to have a Cross section linking these to together, although it can be easily added if need be. The main feature of this room is to again, use rotation to reach the exit in a certain amount of time. (before the door closes after hitting it open via the control panel) Simply running will not get the player to the exit in time and they must use the padded walls of the cells to their advantage. 

Cross Section 5

Cross 5 needs to bring the tempo right down, setting the tone and mood for the next room, my masterpiece, the Hematology department. Probably more Story heavy than gameplay focused.

HematologyI'm still drawing this one up, will report back once I am done. 

Cross Section 6
The last final Cross Section of the level. I sort of want to add something silly in this one, like a rotating section or collapsing floor, just to keep the player on their toes and give them something they arnt expecting. Ill get back to you.

This was the first room I really "Designed" and it was inspired by various images I found of surgery rooms aswell as became some concept art for Emel! Which you can also see below. The main point of this room is to use rotation to gain access to the scanner device and blow through the wall to reach the exit. I liked it at the time.

End Game
I feel there needs to be some kind of conclusion to the Medical section, rather than it just ending. I've yet to think of exactly what form this will take, but there needs to be some kind of boss battle, whether it be in the form of a very hard room or something else. Ill work on this part over the weekend and get back to you.


That's essentially the entire overview of my level.

Probably 80% of this will end up in the document for hand in.

That's all for now folks`.

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