Friday, 24 February 2012

Ok, have taken a break form Design to try and bust out some Concept Art for Emel.

I'm a little bit upset I didn't get more time to spend on this one. Ill do my darndest to get another something done before next art lesson, but sadly work likes to get in the way sometimes; which has lead to the lateness of this image.

Ill go through my sketchy sketch phases of making this, since it was a bit of a journey and Id like to give art as much TLC as I give Design, so here it goes from the tippy top:

This was my initial sketches. I did a few others but the Surgery room theme was something that stuck in my mind. Not sure what it was, I think the large scanner and incredibly creepy operating table made the scene for me. 

I also took a lot of inspiration from, believe it or not, Ether. No idea who did the Concept Art for it, but this image I always thought was cool and the layout of the Surgery reminded me of it as well as the overall moodiness of the atmosphere.

Maybe Ben can tell you who did the concept art, all I know is its by this company called WhitePaperGames, perhaps you've heard of them?

(That was a joke, Ben, calm down.)

Anyway, I took that image and sketched it up into Photoshop roughly, adding and changing bits here and there. I was going to scan it in, but it was such a rough and crude image there wouldn't be much quality lost just drawing it free hand. 

Wasn't sure where to go from here. Normally I would start painting straight away, but since I wanted to follow some form of technique I started by blocking out basic tonal areas.

I did a terrible job of this and totally missed the point of how and why to do this. But regardless, It did allow me to make judgement on the image as a whole and decide it was terribly, boring. 

I had a quick chat with Emel about it, talking mainly  about the composition of the image and how I could focus the views eye to certain areas by tweaking the sketch a little.

Emel also drew this for me, even though I didnt make it Ill show you the image since it really helped me to under stand the flow of the image a little better.

Not Mine. Not Mine. Not Mine. Not Mine. Not Mine.

The overall image flowed a lot better and was much more pleasing to look it. This is done entirely through composition and the clever placement of objects that complement the over all scene.

I decided then to restart my sketch and this time pay piece of mind to how and why I was drawing things, attempting to frame the image in a pleasing way.

I drew these at work when I was meant to be serving customers their fucking, lemons, or whatever.

Decided early on that I wanted the focal point to be the scanner and table respectively, so my early sketches favored these objects.

Likewise I tried to frame the rest of the surrounding objects so they didn't detract from the main point. 

Least, I tried.

This was my sketch, much like how Emel initially plotted his out.

I think the point came across in the framing and placement of the objects, at least the way I wanted them to. I left this sketch rough as fuck on purpose, since I was more interesting in practicing my "painting" skills than I was my drawing skills. 

I have a few more images of the above image in stages, showing how I made each aspect and coloured them one by one, but I figured no one was interested in that and if you've read this far, you probably just want to see the last image.

Almost there.

I put all the grey tones in and added the detail I wanted, admittedly rushing in some areas and taking my time in others. (where it was probably not needed.)

Once it was done, I felt the whole image was a little, dull. There was no real contrast in light and dark and it just look really, grey. 

Grey and boring. 

This is the final image, (Look its bigger than the others!) for which I simply focused on areas of harsh light and dark. Using essentially black and white, I just forced the shadows and added subtly elements of light from the scanner.

Whilst I think I could have done some things better, I did like the darkness towards the back of the room behind the scanner. A few errors, but I think that work in my favor to center the views eye on the action in the foreground, pushing uninteresting elements to the back of the room and into the darkness.


That's all for now.

Like I said I want to get something done before next art lesson but that is depending on time.

Sadly these sorts of images take me much longer to complete than I would like, so even though its one image, its very fucking labor intensive.

That's all for now.

Sweet success.

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