Friday, 20 January 2012

Photo Reference - Part 1

Got plenty of reference shots of town with Gina.

My initial thought was to go for architecture and get a look and feel for the older buildings dating back to the 18th and early 19th century, which was the initial look and feel for my game.

(I apologize in advance for the angle of all the photographs, I have a weird habit of doing that. My bad.)

Later, as we found more of the back alleys and side streets, I felt I found the ideal atheistic for my game and something jumped out at me. I had a rough idea of the story and building designs I wanted to use (leaning farther away from the traditional old buildings).

My main idea was to create a cramped an over congested city, with buildings and areas built close together and the severe problem of over population.

This claustrophobic feeling came out in the alleyways, which had a steam punk and industrial feel to them anyway.

I also angled my camera up to the rooftops wanting to get across the idea that the player will be running and jumping (platforming) across my ingame environments; because this represents freedom in a characteristically un-free world.

The city is dark and crowed whilst the sky is free and clear. 

Later, coming out of the alleys and side streets, we found more modern buildings that still had the same cramped, crowded and "stacked" look I wanted to convey in my game.

Finally, we found more metal like structures which would lean more towards the aesthetics and look of my game.

We also went to the Science and Industry Museum but Ill leave that for another post and another day!

That's all folks.

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