Friday, 27 January 2012


Just thought id fit this in before my Story post.

Obstacles:Since my game is focused on climbing and platforming, the majority of the puzzles and action will come through these interactions. Therefor, taking away enemies the main obstacles in my game will be literal obstacles, such as fences, walks, beams, gaps, doors etc the player will have to physically overcome.

An example of the mechanics into how this will work can be seen in the images, as well as a bullet pointed list of potential obstacles; I will go into more detail in my level doc.

- Walls
- Gaps
- Beams
- Fences
- Doors
- Ledges
- Pipes
- Cogs
- Pistons
- Ladders

etc etc, the environment is the key factor in my game and will be built and structured to provide the player with the main challenge.

Wall run: the player can run up a wall and clamber to its ledge.

Wall Jump: Jumping from wall to wall to gain greater height


Vents: These have the large metal section to stand on and the player can balance / hang from the piping section.

Fences: Can be vaulted or balanced along.

This last image is of the potential mechanics in action, drawn a little crudely.

These mechanics will be put together sequential and combined with moving parts giving the gameplay a strategic and rushed feel, should define the gameplay.

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