Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We've made a Key for naming elements of the world, to save confusion (or cause it..). What me and Harry spoke about.

- Levels are the playable puzzels the player will have to solve, being the rotating rooms.
- Inter-Sections are the corridoors and pathways that join each level together and will be used mainly for story progression and emersion.
- Zones are how we define the theme of each collection of levels, so the Industrial zone will contain levels and inter-sections of that theme.

The 3 Zones we have decided on are the industrial, medical and victorian themes. (victorian containing study areas and librarys and suchwhat).

Ignore all your previous knowledge of teirs and rooms.

The player will need to enter \ exit levels and intersections, the current notion for this is to use doors. The player must stand infront of a door, pressing the correct key to open and enter, spawning the player in the next levels or intersection.

Potentially we will have other methods of enter and exit, although for now its a door.

The image Harry drew above is just to show the doors are on the back plane of the level, not on the far side pannels.

Thats all for now.


  1. I take it that's the hub? Is the player going to be able to go up those stairs..?

  2. Not the hub Ben, just showing how the doors are on the back plane, since there was confusion.

    We will work on the hub world later on but I take it you're worried about the stairs beening drawn in that manner?

    I think that was just style Harry was doodling, its not going in the game as of yet, I take it stairs wont work that way anyway.