Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Just thought Id drop a quick update, I imagine a group wide blog update is imminent so I wont go into so much detail but Id just like to mention the two characters.
So I textured and rigged up the Faun and Kiddie:

Please forgive the render. Our game will be using a "toon shader" inside Unity and I did my best to emulate this effect straight out of 3DS Max. Roughly looks the same but without the shadow ramp and lighting effects it looks flat. Plus dem eyes...

The characters are rigged and I'm slowly working my way through the animations, the kids run cycle looks as follows:

Animation isn't really a strong suit of mine but I am doing my damnedest  This run animation for the Faun is about 90% complete and I will update the animations on here as I progress.

I should be working in Unity very soon and will be able to provide a more steady increase of art and animation once I am able to export directly into the game and tweak values myself. Maybe even build some levels.

We will see.

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