Sunday, 4 November 2012

Level Design

Mark whipped up a level design for Ben to start the technical prototype. Ran into a few problems and issues with it however, mainly in that we all forgot how to play it.

I went over it anyway and made a few amendments so that Ben had a more concrete and structured plan to work with, below are essentially the exact notes I passed onto Ben.


Before I begin below was Marks initial level design on paper:

We had a little trouble explaining the height shifts and how things worked. Ben was essentially working blind which I can empathize with.

I went over Marks initial design, adding the starting section we had only spoke about and made sure to make the mechanics as clear and concise as I could.

The first image is an overview followed by my notes on the level.

- Player enters and moves through forest style area (jumping up ledges moving through trees).
- Player moves under bridge and reaches Ood, chained to a tree.
- Makes Ood chase player until the tree becomes dislodged and collapses, allowing access to the higher tier 2.

- Climbing along the tree, the player can reach the ledge of tier 2 and enter the cave.
- Inside the cave, the player can explore with Ood and reach the tunnel blocked by a boulder.
- Ood moves the boulder and allows player access.
- Tunnel snakes upwards and reaches a ledge higher up (tier3) *See video.
- From the vantage point, the player can access the first rotating platform.
Player moves along platforms with the help of Ood, to eventually collect the first of 2 cogs.

- Carrying the cog (rather large) the player moves across the rotating platforms.
- The cog is placed on a spindal allowing the player to push and rotate it. *See diagram, bottom right.
- Turing the cog raises the next rotating platform.
- From this platform the player can reach the next ledge and tunnel, taking them to the higher ledge on tier 4.
- At the end of the tunnel, the player Is able to collect the 2nd and final cog.

- With the cog in hand, the player must jump down the ledge back to their previous position on tier3.
- Ood automatically realigns the rotating platform. (This is the only time in the level Ood will do this unprompted.
- Using the platform the rotating platform, the play can reach the farthest most right ledge of tier3.
- Using the 2nd Cog and placing it on the spindle at point 2, the player can turn the cog and raise a platform for Ood to clamber and join the player.
- Ood can lift the player up the next ledge, following the player afterwards.
- The player and ood exit the cave onto a ledge, overlooking the starting area and cross a bridge to the end of the level. 

Thats essentially it. Short level used to explain the rough concept of the game and act as a technical prototype to test the mechanics and technical needs.

Just in case Ben reaallllly hated words and reading, which is probably a bad trait in a programmer, I also made a very quick video animation in 3D.

I intended to just use the model to demonstrate perspective shots of the height on different tiers (since I didn't explain it well) but I got carried away and fancied myself the Steven Spielberg of Games Design. 


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