Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Just to update on what's being going on recently.

Started the 3rd and final year of my Diploma course. The class has been split into two teams of four and work has began in our respective teams to concept and create some initial game designs that will make up the project for the remainder of the year.

My team settled on its company name, "Paranoid Tortoise", with an assortment of logos below.

So far we have 4 concepts that must be boiled down to just one, which will be our main idea and project for our student company. I don't have much to tell about these concepts but there are these crappy animal sketches roughly related to a companion based game:

Think the Fable2 dog mechanic, only not terrible.

Thats essentially it for college work, Ill have more to report after our next design lesson. 

Here is a screenshot from a tech prototype I've been working on. Its paaaainnnfully basic, but Ive been given some hints on research avenues I should take in regards to pathfinding. So yeah, Ill do that.

I've also (sort of) started work on a small side project spoke about with a friend of mine. Its for a small game concept that the two of us might work on assuming we have the free time.

The game only exists in document form with a rather short GDD but there are these two images for the main protagonist of the game, "Bug Boss". 

Very heavily inspired by one of my all time favourite comics, "The Exterminators" as well as a totally hilarious Metal Gear Solid reference if you really didn't get that. 

Id really like to work on this idea seriously since I've had loads of fun concepting ideas, I hope It does come to fruition. 

Thats essentially it for now, I'm hoping to update some more on Bug Boss and actually begin some prototypes for it in the next few weeks. Likewise college work should start to take off in the next week or so and Ill have much more focused blog posts to blog post about.


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