Friday, 7 September 2012

So this is my 100th post on the old blog!


I've taken this time away from Futureworks to try and brush up on some basic 3D modelling skills (before attempting some Unity Engine stuff.)

I've worked my way through a few short Unity tutorials but mainly I've been focusing on reaching the end of a few modelling projects, this one from digital tutors I've almost finished, progress below:

Started with the head, always struggled here.

I think I messed up the anatomy pretty badly but was able to hide these mistakes under the clothes later on. 

Progress so far, still need to work on the hair.

Tutorial has been very informative so far and I've learnt so many new things its painful I didn't try these sooner. Hoping to finish it off soon and move onto some more 3D works. I have my own personal projects planned but I might just continue with a few more tutorials depending on how things pan out. 

Speaking of personal works, Ive been throwing around an idea for a project for some time now whilst finishing off, "The Art of Games Design" by Jessie Schell. An idea in my head sprialed whilst reading Schell's methods and I started (and didnt finish) some concept stuff for it.


Concepts for a game and idea that I didn't finish. Was unhappy with them and couldn't really get it to work, which is annoying.

I still plan on going back to these and finalizing them, maybe.

Thats all for now. 

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