Sunday, 27 May 2012

Seeing Benjis level concept thrown together with his assets, (which looked awesome btw) I through together the assets Id made (chain is Benjis, Spikes and Saw Blade is Harrys) and a few from others I needed to complete the level.

Was a test, just to see how well things worked together.

Horribly, is the answer, if you were wondering.

Things look really out of place to me and I don't like it. Nothing blends well. I've decided I need to make a new door for the Medical since my current one isn't fitting in style and the background, I'm lost with. Will do for now I guess until I get some inspiration.

The square border looks far to clean, I am aware of this and its on my to do list.

I'm not that unhappy with the platforms, although they are still meh.

In order to place the assets better in the level I added a slight drop shadow. I rushed it and its too strong in areas, like the chain, but I needed that to stop it looking so flat.

I'm not sure how we can go about this from a programming perspective. 

The only plan I've got is to render drop shadows on all individual objects and save them off as PNGs, hopefully being able to use Opacity data inside the Engine. That would be a rough way to solve the problem but could look a little off, would need to test it in the engine. 

Anyway, whatever, the concept:
Any excuse to use Harland Shears in an image:

All so very Meh. 

Meh, Meh, Meh. 

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