Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I reallllly cant draw in perspective.

But whatever, there is these:

Sort of what I wanted the inner city to look like. Very claustrophobic and tight together.

Game is set around climbing and platforming. Quick sketch showing a character looking over the city districts to the tower / drill thing in the center. 

The industrial zone will need to be filled with machinery the residents can work with, so I figured this drilling station fitted the bill. I liked it at first but I don't think its vertical enough and obviously not fun to climb on. 

Think Ill have to rethink how the buildings will work to make them fun to platform on, Ill worry about that when I design the level though.

Didn't like how the pencil stuff was looking so I switched to photoshop. I also didn't like this.

But whatever. Just wanted to get across the slum like feel of the residential world. Showing how everything is built on top of each other.

Doesn't look steampunky enough though I don't think.

Ill get to work on the level designs now though before next Design lesson.


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